Health Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

Meat Steak

Healthy eating is essential to maintaining the well-being of your body. Many diseases have been linked to poor eating habits. A good example is obesity which is brought about by the consumption of excess junk food. Some of these foods contain excess fat which might be dangerous to your body. Cholesterol in fats forms around your blood vessels and this might lead to an increase in blood pressure which is the leading cause of heart attacks. Preservatives used in preventing some of these foods from going bad can also harm your body. Doctors and nutritionists recommend one to take in a balanced diet. You should consume food rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates help provide the body with energy. However, one is advised to consume a diet low in starch because taking it in excess can beLow-Carb Pasta dangerous to your body. You can try low carb pasta, bread and vegetables. Examples of vegetables low in carbohydrates include broccoli, spinach, kale, tomatoes, avocado among others.  You can also consume eggs and dairy products which have minimal amounts of carbohydrates. Situations like being on specific medication or breastfeeding may limit you from eating this type of diet. Taking food with minimum amounts of carbohydrates can be of several benefits to your health which include:

Weight loss

Reducing the consumption of carbohydrates helps one to lose weight. A low-carb diet facilitates the eradication of excess water in your body resulting in the removal of excess sodium. This leads to rapid weight loss. It is considered as a fast method of losing weight compared to that of consuming low-fat foods. Those looking forward to shedding off some pounds should try a low-carb meal.

Reduces blood pressure

An increase in blood pressure can be dangerous to your body. It is the primary cause of illnesses like stroke, kidney and heart failure. A diet with minimal amounts of carbohydrates will help reduce blood pressure. You should start taking in this type of food if you want to regulate your blood pressure and stay free from diseases associated with it.

Improvement in diabetic patients

Vegetable DietA low carbohydrate diet helps reduce insulin levels in the blood. This brings about an improvement in those who have type 2 diabetes. Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars during digestion, and therefore, taking them in excess can be dangerous to your body. Diabetes is brought about by an increase in blood sugar levels. Taking food with minimal amounts of carbohydrates will keep you free from diabetes or help reduce its severity in people with diabetes.…

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 Top Considerations to make when Buying an Activity Tracker

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After the holidays, your waistline probably is different than it was and this is mainly on the bigger than average side. Thus, you might have to hit the gym hard for just a few days before getting back to a normal quiet exercising routine. However, some people anticipated such changes because they knew an extended holiday season would come with very many hard to pass opportunities for indulging in food. Thus, they geared up with an activity tracker so that with every additional calorie they took, they would also top it up with increased activity to help burn the extra fuel and keep their lean figure. Today’s careers are very competitive, and you do not want to lag behind because of a less efficient metabolic process. Being active helps you to think on your feet. This article gives you some of the considerations to make when picking up an activity tracker that will be your trusted companion and motivator for keeping fit.

activity tracker3
Today’s fitness trackers are very comprehensive

The number of features available in a small tracker placed on your wrist or arm is impressive. You get an activity tracker that checks your steps, your calorie intake, and your sleep as the basics. You might even get some analysis going on about the rate of sleep versus your staying-awake activity ratings. The manufacturers are also presenting the information in different ways to suit your preferences.

Online support options

When buying a tracker, you join thousands of other people in your city who also own the same or similar device. You should be checking the online support forums for your devices to get ideas of what to do to increase the utility function that you get from them. Moreover, you want to go with a brand that has a strong social media presence because you might need to contact them and you would not want to wait in line for hours for someone to answer your call. Go for manufacturers who understand that their customers are probably on the move and they want to be convenient in their approach to fulfilling their customer relationship duties.

activity tracker1
Blend your tracker with your fashion style

The advances in manufacturing mean that you can get a design that fits a style you love. Irrespective of the functionality features inside the electronic gadgetry making up the tracker. The external parts can be leather, plastic, fiber, and so on. Colors can also vary. You could also get straps that look like an ornament. Therefore, you can fit your tracker to your other dressing style so that it does not feel out of place. The non-negotiable factors You might go for all the bells and whistles or avoid them all together. However, you must ensure that your screen is visible in daylight and it does not become too glaring in the dark. You also want an activity tracker that will show you the information you need at a glance so that if you need to press buttons, then you probably only press one button. Touch panels are common today, and they ease your work.…

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 Common Chronic Illness That Affect People

Disease medications

Chronic illnesses have become the latest threats to good health and life. Statistics have shown that the diseases account for most deaths across the globe; way more than any other cause of death. The illnesses are caused by factors such as family genetics, gender, and age among other causes. Chronic illnesses are common among the elderly with very few young people suffering from the conditions. Treatment of these conditions becomes hard to accomplish with time. As such, it is better to treat and permanently remove the conditions in their early stages. The most common chronic illnesses that affect people include:

Alzheimer’s disease & dementia

sick personAlzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent chronic illness among most elderly adults. The condition causes loss of memory, difficulties in thinking, and problem-solving inability. The worst thing about the condition is that it interferes with the normal functioning of the brain and body.

As such, the patient becomes dependent on other people even for basic chores like using the washroom. The risk factors of the condition are beyond control as they include genetics, family history, and age. However, activities such as exercises and sufficient sleep tend to reduce the risks of suffering from the condition.


Unknown to most people, depression is a chronic illness that has far-reaching implications on the brain. It is worth noting that depression is not a stage of aging, but rather it is a treatable mental condition. Depression leads to persistent sadness, hopelessness, difficulty in making decisions, pessimism, loss of interest and changes in appetite. The best way to prevent depression is by managing stress levels, routine exercise, eating a healthy diet, and psychotherapy for people suffering from extreme stress.

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is one of the few chronic illnesses that can affect virtually anyone; the young and the old alike. People suffering from CKD are usually at great risk of developing kidney failure, heart conditions, and liver problems. However, it is relatively easy and possible to prevent kidney through ways such as understanding the disease’s risk factors like hypertension and diabetes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Early detection of the condition makes it easily treatable and increases the chances of complete healing and recovery.


sicknessOver 60% of older adults suffer from hypertension at one point in their old age. The danger of the condition is that it can remain in the body unnoticed for years or even decades. This leads to the condition triggering other severe illnesses like heart attack and stroke. However, unlike other chronic illnesses, it is probably the easiest condition to prevent and manage. Preventive measures for hypertension include regulating stress levels, limiting alcohol and salt consumption, maintaining a lean body, regular exercises and eating the right diet. Reducing your intake of trans and saturated fats also goes a long way in preventing the condition.

Even though it is possible to prevent and manage chronic illnesses, it is advisable that you go for regular medical check-ups. These check-ups make it easy to detect the conditions in their early stages of development. Consequently, it becomes easy to treat and remove the conditions when detected early.…

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