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Teeth Straightening Procedures

Straightening the teeth are usually associated with traditional methods of using the small metal braces on the teeth. With the advancement in the dental field, however, this is not the case nowadays. There are different options available for straightening the teeth. Since bite and malocclusion problems affect both your oral health as well as your appearance and confidence, getting it treated is vital. Based on your preference and comfort you can choose the following teeth straightening procedures. Densitst at Ascot Vale dental clinic can perform these procedures perfectly.


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Braces are a traditional method and the most commonly used method of aligning the teeth to give you a proper bite. Braces are small metal brackets that are connected using elastic bands. Their arc puts pressure on your teeth making them change their position. Rubberband can be used to add more pressure depending on how severe the misalignment of your teeth and bite problem are. The wired braces may irritate first, but you will get used it with time. There are different braces types that you can use ranging from the traditional wired to clear braces and titanium braces.

Lingual Braces

These are more like the traditional braces, but they are placed behind the teeth, they are custom-made depending on your need. Because they are put behind, they do not give you a shabby appearance, but they irritate the tongue and may lead to speech problems as well. Thee braces are costlier compared to the traditional braces and can take more time to give you the desired results.

Appliances or Retainers

teeth with retainersThese help to support the teeth after surgery or using braces for long. They are made from metal wires and plastic which you can remove when you want. They are also a good option for anyone who wants to remove undesired gaps between the teeth. Appliances are similar to retainers but have screws or can put pressure on your teeth. They are useful for children between 5-14 years. Early teeth treatment and dental arch can reduce the need for braces.


There are clear and transparent aligners which are made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The trays are usually custom-made by dentists to provide you comfort and quick results. Invisalign works typically gently and slowly shifting your teeth horizontally or vertically. They can turn the teeth completely to align if needed. The rapid rising use of invisalign is because of its easy use, removable and pain-free features. Besides their invisible feature, they provide guided movements of your teeth where reducing excessive pressure leading to no pain while changing from one tray to another.

These are the essential procedures for treating issues of underbite, malocclusion and overbite problems that cause teeth misalignment.